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looking back in order to have a future

I spent the last couple of days going through old files … and among other things I realized that my artistic practice, this artistic practice is 10 years old … I began making this kind of photographic work in 2005 …
But I always also did other things like these digital collages from 2005.
Looking back and realising what I have made until now is something I have never done before, always busy with the net thing … but since a year or two I have become more restless then inspired and felt often that I had lost touch with my artistic roots and my sources of inspiration and event though some work felt more or less right, much of it didnĀ“t. Now, looking back on my work from the “first years” I feel a freshness that I now sometimes lack, due to pressure to produce, pressure to stay faithful to my style (the worst kind of self censorship), pressure to please those who have bought some of my work … pressure to stay up to date … I have more technical knowledge now and a cleaner and leaner style … but somehow I feel I need to find a new connection to myself, new deep inspiration and a real urge to communicate my visions again …

I wonder if it is possible to re-invent myself in order to become myself again.