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the past, the present and the future

I just got back from a short stay in Luxembourg. I went to meet my niece Louise who is one month old …  but ended up doing much more and seeing many people, some I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, others who are friends I do not see that often.I got to see some works of mine in a house and in an office, and I managed to have one day totally to myself when I finally relaxed and got some clarity in my thoughts and feelings.
It was a good trip and I am back here with new energy and a a clearer head. And I can finally acknowledge that this was a hard and tiring summer, after a even harder spring and winter … And that I have never had the time to reflect and recover properly.
And the black belt testing, with everything it entailed, was quite intense as well. And I never even really got to celebrate it properly. After two days in Luxembourg I began to feel a bit more like myself again and wondered how it was possible that I got so stressed out that I didn’t´t manage to work properly anymore … And why it seems I do not have my priorities right … It helped to write again and to calm down and listen to myself, to my fears and feelings and acknowledge them whenever I felt and or anxious or sad ….
And, of course it was great to meet my niece. What a sweetie … and suddenly I feel like there is a future again.

my niece Louise … isn´t she sweet 🙂 … dsc_2645
The proud father …. img_4269

some of my works at MindForest in Luxembourg
and at someones private home …

random pictures from Limpertsberg and Rollingergrundimg_4275 img_4248 img_4247 img_4245 img_4244 img_4242 img_4240 img_4235 img_4234 img_4294
and the flight back to Berlin